PrACSI Group of Companies

PrACSI Experience

PrACSI Group of Companies has over 25 years experience in providing the Oil and Gas Industry with automation and control products and control systems for industrial complexes Petrochemical Plants and the Water, Power and Desalination Industry.

PrACSI Group has developed the expertise in designing and manufacturing fully assembled and tested fiscal and allocation metering systems for Oil, Gas and

Petrochemical Complexes and is now able to deliver to the Oil and Gas Industry total instrumentation solutions with single source responsibility and process guarantees.

PrACSI Group has been purpose built to provide a fully equipped engineering facility that can operate in a low cost free zone environment to service the Far and Middle East Oil and Gas markets. With service centers in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia and agents in Qatar and Kuwait, MeTAS is actively represented throughout the Middle East.

At PrACSI Group our core philosophy reflects a partnership approach with industry leading organizations to develop and implement advanced technology for metering and control to ensure that we meet the demands of today’s oil and gas industry.

The skills and expertise in metering and control systems integration can provide a single integrated process for design and engineering, which enables PrACSI Group to execute projects with high quality, low operating costs, in a timely manner and safe and comfortable environment for customers and employees.

PrACSI Group functions include:

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Design engineering and documentation
  • Control System design & software development
  • Mechanical Fabrication Mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Supervision of Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Long term operation & Maintenance Contracts
  • Consultancy Services
  • Spares

PrACSI Group can also undertake projects on the basis of Lump Sum turnkey or Reimbursable.

The Products and Services offered by PrACSI Group include the conventional metering techniques of turbine meters, positive displacement meters (PD) for oil and orifice meters for gas.

PrACSI Group also utilize the latest metering techniques, such as ultrasonic flowmeters, coriolis meters and venturi meters. Other products include prover systems, loading and unloading systems, sampling and analysis systems, gas pressure regulation and conditioning systems and metering control systems.

  • Process Control Systems

    Advanced Process Control Systems and Strategies. Systems are turn-key encompassing engineering design, procurement, manufacturing and installation commissioning.

  • Ultrasonic Metering Systems

    PrACSI Group supply turbine meters for use in refineries and petrochemical plants and because they are easy to calibrate in situ they are also used as master meters for liquid ultrasonic metering systems.

  • Metering control systems

    Metering control systems comprising flow computers, supervisory computer, PLC where applicable and auxiliary control equipment are integrated into a custom designed metering control panel.